Technical Support


ETC stands behind the quality of our products and provides our resellers with the support to properly address all issues. In order to address any issues in a timely fashion, they should first be brought up to the reseller that you obtained your product from. There are 3 different kinds of support issues:

Software Support

These are issues with the way multiple controllers behave, how items are displayed, or the features that are available.  Any issues should be brought up with the appropriate reseller. They may be able to address some issues immediately by upgrading the software on your controllers.

Hardware Support

These issues are specific to one controller and generally relate to one or more components that are no longer functioning.  In this case, your reseller may be able to provide replacement parts.  If the controller needs to be serviced, your reseller can arrange to have the issue resolved.

User Support

If you require assistance understanding how to setup and operate our products, please contact an authorized reseller.  They have been trained to be experts in our products.  If they can’t immediately answer your questions, they will have access to the appropriate resources to get an answer for you.


If all else fails, give us a shout directly, and we will help you troubleshoot any issues you have to the best of our ability.

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