Device Management

Vision Device Management is a free PC-based tool used with Link™ to configure, test, and troubleshoot ETC sensors and wireless products, and download & install firmware updates. When used in conjunction with the Sasquatch Plunger Velocity Sensor, Vision and Link become the industry’s first Plunger Velocity Diagnostic Kit. This kit helps operators understand how the impact (kinetic energy) of a plunger at surface affects surface equipment.

Vision also includes ETC’s full resource library; including application notes, certification documents, manuals, and other supporting documents and tools for our products.

Use Vision to:

    • Check, download, and upgrade software versions on ALiEn² (and other custom branded) plunger lift controllers, Cyclops, and Sasquatch
    • Adjust settings (beyond 7 setting external dial) on Cyclops and Sasquatch
    • Monitor plunger arrivals using Cyclops and Sasquatch
    • Test, troubleshoot, and diagnose problem wells with Cyclops and Sasquatch
    • Determine velocity/kinetic energy of a plunger with Sasquatch
    • View arrival information stored on Sasquatch
    • Set/Get Sasquatch settings via Modbus
    • Access ETC’s resource library

With Vision Device Management, the latest firmware for ETC controls and sensors is always at your fingertips. To ensure producers have access to the most modern features & the best optimization algorithms, ETC occasionally releases new firmware versions for controllers like the ALiEn2 plunger lift controller. Vision also allows users to safely ‘see what Cyclops (or Sasquatch) sees’ as a plunger arrives in the lubricator, which can help users determine the cause of false detects or missed arrivals on a problem well.

Upgrading software on any ETC product is simple and quick with Vision. As new versions are released, the latest software is automatically downloaded right to your PC when the utility opens.

Vision is currently compatible with the following ETC products:


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Link is an all-in-one adapter designed for use with Vision Device Management software and ETC controllers and sensors.

Link connects Cyclops plunger arrival sensors, Sasquatch velocity sensors, and ETC plunger lift controllers to our Vision Device Management platform.   Link comes complete with all necessary cables for connecting Link to your laptop (USB) as well as cables that connect to all three products mentioned above.

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Case Studies

Major producer in South Texas uses ALiEn2 to achieve 16,000% ROI

The ALiEn2 plunger controller replaced a competitive controller on a plunger lift well that was not meeting production expectations. Production was doubled within 12 days and the well has continued producing at the higher rate since.

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Cyclops proves 100% accuracy, becomes standard for major producer in the San Juan Basin

The Cyclops sensor was installed on wells that were frequently missing plunger arrivals, leading to 100% reliable detection of the plunger.

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