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ALiEn2 is the most feature-rich plunger lift controller in its class. Patented optimization algorithms achieve maximum production with minimal operator intervention. Use as a simple well intermitter or in conjunction with a plunger arrival sensor to optimize production. Protect your well by using a line pressure device to shut in on high line pressure. Log your plunger’s mileage with Plunger Tracking, and use Vent Tracking to keep tabs on vent time.
ALiEn2‘s standard Modbus communication port enables remote monitoring and control, and is preconfigured to work with several popular SCADA solutions.


ALiEncan also be configured to work with your internal SCADA system. No SCADA? ALiEn2 is fully functional and accessible right on site.
ALiEn2 and ALiEn2 Expert come certified to the highest and most up-to-date safety standards available, providing unlimited safe installation locations. Features such as Fast Velocity, Dangerous Velocity, and a variety of configurable alarms protect your well head equipment and prevent accidents.

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Features and Benefits

  • Class I, Zone 0 (Div 1) Certified
  • -40°F to +160°F Operation
  • 8+ Months of Battery Standby**
  • Numeric/Navigation Interface
  • Operate up to 3 Valves**
  • RS-485 Modbus Communications
  • Adaptive Seeking Velocity Optimization™
  • Pressure Optimization
  • Flexible Connector/Solenoid Locations
  • Universal Mounting
  • Type 4 Powder Coated Steel Enclosure
  • Locking Door
plunger lift controller

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**Expert Model Only


Adaptive Seeking Velocity Optimization™

This patented* algorithm reduces the need for operator intervention by making automatic adjustments that are proportional to the current flow/close time. When Adaptive Seeking Velocity Optimization™ is used with a plunger arrival sensor such as Cyclops, ALiEn2 reacts to the average velocity of the plunger, making proportionate changes to the amount of Close and Afterflow time for the well. The user specifies a Target Rise Velocity, which ALiEn2 then works to achieve. For best results, use a Sasquatch Plunger Velocity Sensor in conjunction with Adaptive Seeking Velocity Optimization™ to maximize production using real time Surface Velocity. ALiEn2 is the first plunger lift controller capable of optimizing on Surface Velocity; a standard feature in the ALiEn2 Expert model, available as an upgrade for the ALiEn2.


Pressure Optimization

Use a combination of Line Pressure, Tubing Pressure, Casing Pressure** and Differential Pressure** to optimize the well. ALiEnautomatically adapts to use enabled devices. Optimize on Flow Rate (AGA 3 table based) when using a Line Pressure and Differential Pressure sensor.

Load Factor

Load Factor is a parameter that can be used to determine when to open a plunger lift well to rise the plunger.  It is a ratio of the slug size (casing pressure – tubing pressure) to the lifting pressure (casing pressure – line pressure).  It is used by a number of different control systems as a standard optimization setting and is a standard feature on the ALiEn² Expert plunger lift controller. Please note that this feature requires a pressure splitter.

*Patent Number US 9,297,238


ETC Cyclops Hawkeye Plunger Sensor

Cyclops Plunger Arrival Sensor

Utilizing modern Geomagnetic Sensing Technology™, Cyclops is the most advanced and reliable plunger sensor available.

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Sasquatch Plunger Velocity Sensor

Use Sasquatch in conjunction with ETC’s patented Adaptive Seeking Velocity Optimization™ in the ALiEn² Expert for best results.

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Upgrade ALiEn2 with Vision and Link

Upgrade, Test & Troubleshoot ALiEn² with Vision Software

Keep your controller loaded with the latest features using this free tool. Product updates, documentation, testing & troubleshooting for ETC controls and sensors.

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ETC Link Device Connection

Link Device Connection

Link connects Cyclops plunger arrival sensors, Sasquatch velocity sensors, and ETC plunger lift controllers to our Vision Device Management platform.
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ETC GEMS Pressure Transducer

High Quality Pressure Sensors

GEMS pressure sensors feature all stainless steel wetted parts, a broad selection of electrical and pressure connections and a wide choice of electrical outputs.
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Pressure Splitter

The new Pressure Input Splitter allows additional Pressure Transducers to be connected to the ALiEn2 Expert plunger lift controller.
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ETC battery charger

Battery Charger

A quick and convenient way to top up a spare controller battery prior to replacement.
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controller solar panel mounting bracket

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

Quickly mount your controller solar panel to virtually any surface, including right on top of your controller.
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ETC controller mounting bracket

Universal Controller Mounting Bracket

Each ALiEn² comes with the innovative Universal Mounting Bracket. With support for wall, single vertical stud, single horizontal stud, vertical pipe, horizontal pipe, or valve mount, this is the only mounting bracket you will ever need.

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ALiEn2 Expert

Operating Temp -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +160°F) -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +160°F)
Current Draw Typ. – 0.5 mA, Max. – 190 mA Typ. – 0.5 mA, Max. – 190 mA
Battery 6 V, 5 Ah 6 V, 8 Ah
Valves Supported 1-2 1-3
Standby Time 5+ Months*
8+ Months*,**
Solar Panel 6 V, 1.1 W 6 V, 1.1 W
Arrival Sensor Cyclops, Most other vendors Cyclops, Sasquatch, Most other vendors
Other Inputs Line Pressure

Inputs can be dry contact switch or 0.5 V to 4.5 V sensor

Line Pressure or Tubing Pressure, Casing Pressure or Differential Pressure
Inputs can be dry contact switch or 0.5 V to 4.5 V sensor
Cycle History Last 25 Cycles Last 25 Cycles
Daily History Current Day + 14 Previous Days Current Day + 14 Previous Days
Communications Interface 2 wire RS-485 Modbus Slave 2 wire RS-485 Modbus Slave
2 wire RS-485 Modbus Master
Certifications Class I, Zone 0, Ex/AEx ia [ia] IIB
Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D
Class I, Zone 0, Ex/AEx ia [ia] IIB
Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D

*Average temperatures of -20°C, 24 valve operations a day, 10 minutes a week of display-on time, and a Cyclops arrival sensor. 
**Expert model.
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Case Studies

Major producer in South Texas uses ALiEn2 to achieve 16,000% ROI

The ALiEn2 plunger controller replaced a competitive controller on a plunger lift well that was not meeting production expectations. Production was doubled within 12 days and the well has continued producing at the higher rate since.

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Cyclops proves 100% accuracy, becomes standard for major producer in the San Juan Basin

The Cyclops sensor was installed on wells that were frequently missing plunger arrivals, leading to 100% reliable detection of the plunger.

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