Diagram of ETC products and compatible SCADA remote monitoring for oil and gas

Alien 2 Sasquatch cloud Cyclops ETC Tubing ETC controller

Remote Monitoring and Control

A Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) remote monitoring and control system provides 24/7 access to your well head. Every ET-1200x controller comes equipped with an integrated RS-485 port, compatible with any standard Modbus-based data acquisition and reporting service.

Several web-based or in-plant solutions are currently available, and others are in development. Extreme Telematics Corp. collaborates with both SCADA providers and producers to present a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Available Solutions

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Case Studies

Major producer in South Texas uses ALiEn2 to achieve 16,000% ROI

The ALiEn2 plunger controller replaced a competitive controller on a plunger lift well that was not meeting production expectations. Production was doubled within 12 days and the well has continued producing at the higher rate since.

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Cyclops proves 100% accuracy, becomes standard for major producer in the San Juan Basin

The Cyclops sensor was installed on wells that were frequently missing plunger arrivals, leading to 100% reliable detection of the plunger.

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