Plunger Velocity Diagnostic Kit

plunger diagnostic kitThe Plunger Velocity Diagnostic Kit was designed to help operators know and understand how the impact (kinetic energy) of a plunger at surface affects surface equipment. Consisting of ETC’s Link, Vision and Sasquatch products, the Plunger Velocity Diagnostic Kit can be used both on-site and remotely to measure and record plunger speed on every arrival.

A new standard called API 11 PL Specification is emerging in plunger lift, covering plunger lift lubricators and related equipment. Operators and equipment manufacturers collaborated over the last few years to create a common set of standards for the plunger lift industry to help identify quality manufacturers who properly design, construct, and test plunger lift equipment for reliable, safe operation. The new standard will require manufacturers to provide a kinetic energy rating, shifting the way plunger wells are monitored and controlled.

For more information on using plunger velocity for safety and predictive maintenance, click here.

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