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ETC is committed to ensuring our products are operating at full capacity and consistently meeting or exceeding expectations.

We provide training programs with our products to ensure that they are configured properly and that the user has a good understanding of how to operate them and use them to their full potential.

We routinely offer detailed training to our resellers throughout North America so they can in turn provide the most up to date training to operators.

If you would like to arrange a formal training session for your company, please contact a reseller.  If there is a large enough group or a more technical training session is required, your preferred reseller can arrange for an ETC representative to be present.



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Case Studies

Major producer in South Texas uses ALiEn2 to achieve 16,000% ROI

The ALiEn2 plunger controller replaced a competitive controller on a plunger lift well that was not meeting production expectations. Production was doubled within 12 days and the well has continued producing at the higher rate since.

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Cyclops proves 100% accuracy, becomes standard for major producer in the San Juan Basin

The Cyclops sensor was installed on wells that were frequently missing plunger arrivals, leading to 100% reliable detection of the plunger.

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