Cyclops + Velocity

Smart producers trust ETC’s market-leading Cyclops plunger arrival sensor for 100% reliable plunger detection. Plunger lift’s first digital sensor uses Geomagnetic Sensing Technology™, allowing for the most accurate and consistent plunger detection, with the widest range of plunger types detected in the industry. Rugged enough to survive the most severe conditions, it’s no wonder Cyclops is the #1 arrival sensor in plunger lift.

ETC’s latest plunger sensor, Sasquatch, uses the same innovative technology behind Cyclops. Instead of a single magnetic sensing “eye,” it uses two “eyes” to watch for & detect plungers, which allows it to not only detect a plunger as reliably as Cyclops does, but also measure its velocity. Unlike it’s simpler predecessor, Sasquatch comes with internal storage for logging arrival information, and a ModBus port to access settings and the arrival log.

ETC’s innovative line of plunger sensors provide advantages that no other plunger sensors offer, such as the ability to adjust sensitivity, upgrade software, or troubleshoot problematic wells right at the well head.

  • Low power
  • Self calibrating
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • -40°F to 160°F operation
  • 5 V to 24 V operating voltage
  • Hazardous locations certified

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Cyclops sensor Sasquatch sensor
 Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to -160°F)
 Operating Voltage 5 V to 24 V
 Switch Interface 3 wire dry contact
 Adjustable Sensitivity
 Advanced Troubleshooting with Vision
 Wireless Option with Battery
 Wireless Option with Solar/Battery
 Surface Velocity Measurement
 Local Arrival Log
 Modbus Communication Port
 Certification IS – Class I Zone 0/Div 1 and

Class I Zone 2/Div 2

ExP – Class I Zone 1/Div 1

Class I Zone 0/Div 1 and

Class I Zone 2/Div 2


*Zone 2 model only, pricing in USD.

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