Wireless Bridge

Designed to replace traditional wire and trenching with plug and play equipment, Iris is a cost-effective, easy to use system that safely enables up to 2 switches or sensors per node to be powered and relayed back to a panel-mounted gateway up to ½ mile away.

Iris Wireless Bridge Nodes and Gateway are designed to reliably communicate in the most extreme conditions. The circuit board is conformal coated during manufacturing to prevent corrosion from chemicals and moisture in the atmosphere over time, increasing longevity. Nodes feature long-lasting, field replaceable lithium battery packs. A solar option is also available for Iris Nodes; this economical solar panel with integrated battery charger removes the need for battery replacement and allows for operation with devices requiring higher power draw.

The current state of up to 2 switches and a Modbus device connected to each node can be read from the gateway using the integrated Modbus Slave interface. The Iris Gateway can connect to up to 240 nodes, offering ultimate versatility for a variety of system configurations and applications. Additional nodes are available with a range of sensor interfaces including Analog, HART, Modbus, RTDs and Turbine Meters.


  • Up to 240 Intrinsically Safe Nodes Per Gateway
  • 1/2 Mile Communication Distance
  • Replaceable/Solar
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Remote Communication via Modbus
  • -40°F to +185°F Operation

Technical Data – Gateway

Supply Voltage 6 V DC – 36 V DC
Radio Power 500 mW
Switch/Sensor Interface 2 x Dry contact discrete outputs
Communications Interface RS-485 Modbus RTU Slave
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Certification Class I, Division 2, Non-incendive, Temp Code T5, Groups C&D
Humidity 0-100% condensing
Antenna Type Omnidirectional
Antenna Gain 5 dB
Receive Sensitivity -105 dB
Range 3 miles
Frequency 902-928 MHz license-free ISM band compliant with FCC Part 15
Nodes Up to 240 separate nodes
Networks Up to 64 separate networks
Internal Diagnostics Line voltage, signal strength, error conditions, event logging
Enclosure DIN rail mounted

 Technical Data – Nodes

Plunger Sensor Node

Plunger Sensor Node w/Solar

Analog Sensor Node

Sensor Power 5.3 V or 7.6 V 13 V (4-20 mA)

12.5 V or 18.5 V (1-5 V)

Sensor Interface 2 x Dry contact discrete inputs 4-20 mA or 1-5 V
Communications Interface RS-485 Modbus RTU Master N/A
Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +160°F)
Certification Class I, Division 1, Intrinsically Safe, Temp Code T5, Groups C&D
Humidity 0-100% condensing
Transmit Power 40 mW
Range  1/2 mile
Antenna Type Internal weather resistant, omnidirectional
Antenna Gain 5 dB
Receive Sensitivity -109 dB
Frequency 902-928 MHz license-free ISM band compliant with FCC part 15
Connection  1/2″ NPT Port
Power Lithium battery pack, field replaceable Internal rechargeable battery pack with integrated high efficiency solar charger Lithium battery pack, field replaceable
Battery Life  3 Years* – 1 Cyclops sensor

1.5 Years* – 2 Cyclops sensors

N/A 1-10 Years
Solar Panel N/A N/A 4 W
Battery Capacity N/A N/A 9 Ah
Standby Time N/A N/A 20+ days
Reporting Period  1 second User Configurable
Internal Diagnostics  Battery voltage, signal strength, error conditions
*Battery life will be affected by the temperature the battery is run at, RF conditions and any downtime on the gateway (if the gateway is powered down the nodes consume more power trying to find the gateway).

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