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Vision™ IoT Solution for Oil & Gas

Vision™ is an open edge-to-cloud operating system that allows multiple different stakeholders to collaborate on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Vision™ reduces the complexity, costs, and time to deliver a complete system by providing common, pre-integrated components that simplify the deployment of edge apps and routing of real time data from the edge to cloud-based data services.

Vision™ allows users to:

  • See location and status information from edge device
  • Remotely install/upgrade/configure edge apps saving costly trips to the field
  • Receive high volume push data from edge devices directly
  • Run multiple edge apps from different developers on the same edge processor
  • Build or buy edge apps to provide more choice of solutions
  • Sell your apps for a monthly per device charge to build a stream of recurring revenue
  • Build object templates to provide structure and consistency in the way data is acquired, processed, observed, transported, and stored
  • Route data in real time to the cloud service(s) of your choice

What is Edge Computing?


Vision Device Management For Oil & Gas Operators

  • Consistent and Scalable automation deployments creating an open, yet standards based, method of operations and integration.
  • Message based reporting and notifications for optimizing bandwidth while providing the right people the right data at the right time.
  • Offers Buy-it or Build-it flexibility by engaging domain experts supporting a multitude of applications, all on a single universal hardware platform. It no longer matters if…
    • Pursuing IoT/Edge migration interface enabling ‘what’s next’ with your legacy serial controllers. It is no longer rip-n-replace to modernize and analyze.
    • A low cost of entry for monitoring stranded assets, web enablement, with minimal point counts.
    • High speed monitoring and advanced analytics at the Edge working with your relatively new automation hardware.

Vision Device Management For App Developers & Domain Experts

  • C/C++, and Python offer a vehicle for secure deployment of your intellectual property.
  • Docker allows the ability to have your applications run alongside others on the same edge device.
  • The App Store allows a method of commercializing and monetizing your investments.
  • The LWM2M Central Object Registry allows efficiencies in application development.
  • Vision™ allows management of apps in a single portal regardless the number of customers.

Vision Device Management For System Integrators

  • Vision™ Edge allows a consistent platform regardless of your customer needs and edge device.
  • Are provided a “yes, we can do that” enabler for migrations or new installations.
  • Are provided a platform for solving problems with your IP or by using the best in class domain experts in the App Store community.
  • Are not limited by previous production automation appliances and doing just what they do.

Vision Device Management For Equipment Manufacturers

  • Vision™ provides the ability to provide as a service, remote monitoring and edge located analytics to your valued customers without the infrastructure costs.
  • Your customers can be confident their firmware and applications are up to date with Vision™.


Oilfield IoT

System Components

Edge Operating System

The Vision™ Edge Operating System (O/S) resides on intelligent edge devices (such as Morpheus) and is comprised of Linux, Docker, and a system supervisor. Vision™ Edge O/S interacts with the Vision™ Device Manager to:

  • Report the health, status, diagnostics, and location.
  • Manage power to optimize the system for solar/battery powered installations.
  • Install, update, remove, or execute multiple apps in a Docker virtualized environment to avoid interference.
  • Enable edge apps to push encrypted LWM2M data to the Vision™ Data Router.

Device Manager

The Vision™ Device Manager is a visual, cloud-based tool that gives users the ability to interact with remotely deployed devices running Vision™ Edge O/S.

  • View device location, health and status
  • Install/remove/update applications
  • View current data coming from edge apps and change settings remotely
  • Configure which data services are authorized to receive data from one or more edge devices

Data Router

Built into Vision™ Cloud, Vision™ Data Router allows users to route data pushed from edge apps to pre-integrated data services in real time. Developers can configure their own data services that are published for internal use. You are in control of your data. Route data to multiple services and remove access to data whenever you want.

  • Receive real time encrypted data pushed from edge devices
  • Poll your data through a published RESTful API
  • Select one or more pre-integrated services to push data to
  • Publish your own service privately or publicly

App Store

Each user has access to a private app store within Vision™ Cloud that is only accessible to your company. This means that internal developers can build highly valuable edge apps that are published in a controlled manner to internal users and devices. If you want to monetize these edge apps, they can be published to the public app store. The developer that publishes the apps is able to set the monthly per device price that the customer is charged. Vision™ keeps track of all installations and manages both the billing to the customer and the payment to the developer.

App Builder

The Vision™ Edge App Builder is a set of tools within Vision™ Field that helps the user interact with a device locally in development mode to load and manipulate applications. We provide you sample applications written in C/C++ and Python that are built in Docker containers that run as part of the Vision™ Edge O/S.

Object Registry

The Vision™ Object Registry is a cloud-based community driven database of standardized object types in Vision™ Cloud, each containing a set of resources that define the data that is represented.

These objects can be used by the edge apps to gather and transmit data in real time in a consistent manner. Cloud based monitoring services receive this data and can access the object types in the registry to programmatically learn about new devices and how to store their data.


The Vision™ IoT Solution for Oil & Gas is inherently secure through a number of methods:

  • Each device connects directly in to Vision™ Cloud via a dynamic IP address, once authenticated
  • Vision™ Device Management Cloud only accepts incoming data from authenticated devices
  • The edge device and Vision™ share an encryption key, installed at the time of manufacture, encrypting all traffic between the two without sharing the key over the air
  • Data transport and all management tools are built on the Microsoft Azure platform
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