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Link is an all-in-one adapter designed for use with Vision Device Management software and ETC controllers and sensors.

Link connects Cyclops plunger arrival sensors, Sasquatch velocity sensors, and ETC plunger lift controllers to our Vision Device Management platform.  (Note: It doesn’t work with Iris gateways or nodes).  Link comes complete with all necessary cables for connecting Link to your laptop (USB) as well as cables that connect to all three products mentioned above.

Use Link to:

  • Check, download, and upgrade software versions on ALiEn² (and other custom branded) plunger lift controllers, PC180, Cyclops, and Sasquatch
  • Adjust settings (beyond 7 setting external dial) on Cyclops and Sasquatch
  • Monitor plunger arrivals using Cyclops and Sasquatch
  • Test, troubleshoot, and diagnose problem wells with Cyclops and Sasquatch
  • Determine velocity/kinetic energy of a plunger with Sasquatch
  • View arrival information stored on Sasquatch
  • Set/Get Sasquatch settings via Modbus

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Link is currently compatible with the PC180 Chemical Management System, as well as these other great ETC products:

ETC Alien 2ETC Cyclops plunger sensorSasquatch plunger velocity sensor

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